Performance Test Pro v1.2 Apk App

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Performance Test Pro v1.2

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview: ★★★Test your mobile hardware performance CPU , RAM , I/O memory , Graphics, Internet connection and share your score with your frends on social networks. ★★★

 Discover your device HW performance with new unique accurate testing technics.Performance test also automatically converts your testing results into final score which is comparable with large community.Performance test offer 6 tests :

 ★CPU Benchmark test :

 Scan your cpu frequency and performing thread tasks in order to measure your cpu real calculations speed.It also distinguish multiple CPU cores and test them with multiple tasks to achive most accurate results.

 ★RAM bandwidth test :

 Scan your total memory and frequently calculates baud rate of your real device while reading and writing into it.

 ★Internal and External storage test:

 Measure write and read time with different file sizes to ensure most accurate results.Also calculates access time to each storage!

 ★Graphics test :

 Draw 3D object and refresh it as fast as it can be in order to calculate Renderer time.As well as Renderer time calculates FPS - frames per second , which is really important to draw graphics object especially in hard games.

 ★Internet connection test :

 Distinguish connection type and download small file from extreme fast servers and counts dowload time and connection speed.Warning: Internet connection test do not counts towards final score!

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